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Shipping We are located in Pennsylvania and ship candle and car air freshener orders via the US Postal Service.  Candles orders normally arrive in 5-12 business days.   We are NOT open weekends or holidays.   (Weekends and holidays are not business days).   Please allow extra time when ordering around the holidays.  In the case of a backorder or delay due to high demand or product shortage, we will ship your order as soon as possible or you may change, or cancel the order.  Make sure that you check your junk email folder/settings to allow emails from us. If your order includes aerosol spray then we must ship your order via Parcel Post.  The shipping regulations prohibit the shipping of aerosol cans via “air”.     Parcel Post delivery time depends greatly on your location since destinations such as Hawaii and Alaska are by boat which can take weeks (worst case).   Closer destinations via Parcel Post are normally 5-15 business days since the package must travel by ground service.  Shipping to USA customers only, including military APO & FPO locations. Note that the shopping cart will only calculate shipping for the average size order.   Customers ordering large quantities of candles/sprays (over 18 full size candles or greater than 18 pounds in weight) will see a base shipping charge of $90 in the shopping cart.   The PayPal shopping cart system has limitations on shipping calculations and most customers are not ordering in volumes to hit the calc limits.  If it does happen, we will refund a portion of the shipping once your order is weighed and a correct shipping weight & price is established.   If shipping is more due to the order being exceptionally large, then we will notify you of the additional shipping charges and you may elect to pay the additional or cancel part or all of the order. Order Confirmation Email You will receive a receipt by email for your order through the PayPal.com system.  That serves as your receipt for the order.  Please confirm that all items listed on your receipt are correct.   If you experience any problems please email us, or use the CONTACT US button on the website to open a support ticket. Returns We do not accept returns on used items.   If you receive an item which was broken/damaged in shipping then we will exchange for the same item upon return of the damaged goods.   Claims of damage must be made within (24) hours of receipt of the order (excluding weekends/holidays).   Returning of items because you did not like the scent is not a valid return.   Returns for that reason will be charged a 20% restocking fee only on UNUSED items.  Any items returned which were used will not be refunded (don’t return candles you already lit).  Do not return items without first obtaining authorization for the return.  Contact our support department if you need assistance with an order. Delays / Backorders We strive to maintain adequate stock however shortages sometimes occur.  Limited Edition scents are usually only made once or twice a year and subject to seasonal demand.  Because several shoppers may be shopping for large quantities of candles at the same time online, inventory shortages can sometimes occur even though the website states a scent is available.  With such shortages we will send you an email about the delay of your order and provide you with options to change or cancel the delayed item(s).  If no changes are requested, then we will ship the order as soon as all the items are available for one complete shipment.  Due to the extreme weight of the candles and high shipping costs associated with such shipments, we do not split orders into multiple shipments. Cancellations We are able to make changes/adjustments to orders which are on backorder status.   Regular orders can be canceled with proper notification (use our support ticket system) provided the order has not shipped yet AND only if you are canceling the order within 48 hours of placing the order.   For example, we cannot cancel an order 5 days after you placed it because it was already packaged and processed for delivery to you.   If the order is delayed due to a shortage, then obviously we can make changes and can either adjust or cancel the order.   If an order is canceled/disputed through PayPal after it has been processed then we reserve the right to collect payment for the said merchandise and any payment reversal fees charged as a result of the dispute.   Unpaid amounts for orders delivered which remain unpaid, or not immediately returned in new condition will be forwarded to a collection agency for processing. Refund policy on Discounted or Special Priced Bulk Deals Items which were purchased at a discounted rate, bulk special, buy-one get one, or similar discounted offer will be refunded the purchase price divided by the number of items (including free & discounted) which are included in the special price deal.  For example, buy “5 get one free” for $42 = $8.17 per candle.   Buy “3 get one free” for $19.90 would be $6.63 each.  We reserve the right request the return of any items for inspection prior to any refund being issued. Credit Card/Account Chargebacks / NSF Checks We are always happy to provide support and customer assistance.  Our online support system operates 24 / 7 providing a ticket system which anyone can use anywhere, anytime, to contact us.  The use of the ticket system also helps prevent issues with blocked emails/spam.   In the event that a customer files a chargeback, dispute, or processes a NSF check through our payment system we will bill the said customer the NSF/Chargeback fees of $25 (per item, per attempt) for the processing charges.  If the bill is left unpaid, we will forward the debt to a collection agency.   There is no reason to file a dispute/chargeback when we will gladly assist you with any questions about your order. Disclaimer We are a retailer of these products and NOT the manufacturer.  We are not liable for any warranty, injury, or damage claims pertaining to the products sold on this website.  It is important that you understand and know how to properly use candles & aerosol sprays.  We will not be held liable for improper use.   Never leave a burning candle unattended, around children, pets, curtains, or any place where a fire or injury could occur.  
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Contact Information SmokerCandles.com OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY Closed HOLIDAYS & WEEKENDS! NEED HELP?  OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET email:   sales@SmokerCandles.com
Orders typically arrive in 5-12 business days for candles and car fresheners.  Orders containing sprays can take a few extra days because they cannot be shipped via air services.   Please see our shipping policy for more info. If you need assistance with an order please use our support ticket system by clicking the support button shown to the left.  We are closed weekends and holidays!  Our support staff will reply back as soon as they possibly can!
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