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Cigar & Cigarette Smoke Odor Eliminator Candles Smoke odor exterminator candles are the perfect solution to remove the stale cigarette or cigar smoke odor from your home or office. These candles contain special enzymes which actually attack foul odors and removes them from the air.   Regular candles just cover up odors and the  smoke odor returns once you put the candle out.  With the Smoke Odor Exterminator candles, you are actually removing the odors from the air PLUS you can enjoy a pleasant fragrance just like a regular candle.   They are also great for fighting other odors like kitchen, bathroom and pet odors! Our special smoke odor exterminator candles come in a variety of pleasant scents.  They are also available in a smaller travel size, perfect to rid that musty smell from a hotel room.   We also have aerosol sprays and car fresheners which work great for eliminating odors from cigars, cigarettes, pets, and more!
Smoke Exterminator Candle - Fresh Strawberries Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray - Honeydew Melon Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray - Clothesline Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray - Fresh Strawberries Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray - Lavender Smoke Exterminator Candle - Orange Lemon Splash Smoke Exterminator Candle - Clothesline Fresh
LARGE SMOKE ODOR EXTERMINATOR CANDLES Each candle is 13 ounces and burns for 50-70 hours!   These candles contain special enzymes which actually attack foul odors and removes them from the air.
SMOKE ODOR EXTERMINATOR SPRAYS Super fast acting sprays release the same special enzymes into the air to remove smoke odor. Large 7 ounce can lasts a long time!
PET ODOR EXTERMINATOR CANDLES If you have pets that like to venture outside you know wonderful scents they sometimes bring home which fills your room with that foul wet garbage odor, or that litter box stench (or worse)! But don’t worry!  The same candles that work to remove cigarette odors from the air are also great for pet odor removal.  They are not to be used on your pet of course, but they work great to get those foul pet odors and litter box stench out of the air!   Just light a candle...and then try to give your pet a bath!  lol!